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Foods of Mayurbhanj

Baripada, familiar to one and all as the small township offering specialty in this item, has now fame in the entire world for the exclusivity in preparation. The first quality of the food product, Baripada Mudhi, is it is natural, free from additives, and prepared through hygienic and indigenous ways.” Mudhi Mansa” (puffed rice mixed with mutton gravy) enjoys high popularity as an exquisite food item in the tiny township of Baripada.

Taking cue from this highly popular food item, housewives do not forget to prepare “Mudhi Mansa” in their households with the left-over gravy from the mutton curry by simply putting a bowl of “Mudhi” in the pressure-cooker with gravy and heating the mixture in slight heat. Pieces of chopped onion and green chilly add big spice to the taste as children devour on this served item.

“Baripada Mudhi is now a world famous brand name, which has won appreciation of rich and poor. But again sadly, Mudhi Mansa is not available in other corners of Odisha. Unfortunately, we eat Dosha, Badda, and Chinese junks, whereas our own dishes get neglected”-Says Kunja Bihari Patra- a retired school teacher.

Mudhi Mansa Baripada, a small town of Mayurbhanj district, gained enormous popularity for its mudhi (puffed rice) and mansa (mutton) combination. You have to try it to believe it, that Mudhi tastes utterly delectable with its mutton gravy counterpart. Not only do the denizens have it with this gravy, instead they prefer having it with anything and everything starting from tea to a list of endless things.

fish Fried/Curry is one of the famous traditional odia dish which is normally cooked in any houses. It goes very well with steamed rice, Basanti Pulao, Peas pulao or Bengali Fried rice. Normally Rohu / Katla/ ilishi is used for this recipe. But any big fish can be used like Aar, Vetki, Basa, Salmon etc. Its a royal dish in odisha’s cuisine.

Pakhala  akhaḷa is an Odia term for an Indian food consisting of cooked rice washed or a little fermented in water. The liquid part is known as toraṇi. It is popular in Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu it is called Pazhaiya Sadam. ahi pakhala or water rice is an absolute delight in the scorching summers, rejuvenating the mind and the body, and giving a sense of fulfillment. … Pakhala or Dahi Pakhala is mainly prepared by cooling cooked rice in water and keeping it overnight.