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Shopping at Bargarh

Though Bargarh comprises of a small district of Orissa, it offers a number of shopping items as well as shopping places. The first item that comes in mind when one wonders ‘what to buy’ in the district, comprises of Sambhalpuri textiles. The handloom of Sambhalpur is known throughput the country as one of the finest. Infact, the sale of Sambalpuri silk saris is gaining momentum not just within the country, but also overseas. It has made a name for itself in the international market.

This popularity can be attributed to its exclusive designs, which are still based on the old traditions, and superb texture. Apart from saris, other best buys include bed linen. You will easily get items to be taken back as souvenirs also. When it comes to shopping places in Bargarh, you can check out the Bargarh Handloom Co-operative showrooms. The prices in these showrooms are usually fixed and the products are of high quality. Gole Bazaar is another hub of shopping in Bargarh.

Silk Weaved Product

Sambalpuri Bastralaya Handloom Co-Operative Society Ltd, Bargarh-

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