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Famous Food of Bargarh

Bargarh district comprises of two Sub–Divisions, four Agricultural Districts, 12 Tahasils &12 Blocks. The district is coming under Agro–Climatic zone- Western Central Table Land and divided into five Agro Ecological Situation (AES). The District experiences extreme type of climate with hot & dry summer followed by humid monsoon and severe cold. The temperature varies between 100C to 480C. The district receives rainfall from South–West monsoon. The average annual rainfall in the district is 1367mm. But the rainfall is not well distributed. The erratic distribution of rainfall very often hampers the Kharif crop production particularly in Padmapur Sub–division & Bhatli, Ambabhona Blocks of Bargarh Sub–division.

Bargarh Agriculture department has made a spectacular progress over the last few decades and significant increase in production and productivity has seen achieved. The same has been limited to crops like paddy, sugarcane, groundnut & vegetable. Now the extension system in the district is aiming on market oriented extension with low cost technology. Major importance is given to increase the production and productivity of non–paddy crops like pulses, oil seeds, maize & cottons. “e–Pest surveillance” system was introduced on the near past to reduce the disease pest occurrence in the field as well as timely control measure reducing the cost of production.

Chaula Bara (Fried Balls)

Masala Mudhi (Puffed rice)